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We are in need of experienced and upbeat Philippine-based HOME-BASED CONTENT WRITERS to write compelling and engaging articles, buying guides, e-books, product descriptions, product reviews, web content, and more.

We’re looking for someone who will help us expand our digital footprint and drive more value through online content for our clients.

The ideal candidate should have a proven track record of producing pieces that increase engagement and drive leads.

This position requires a high level of creativity, as well as the ability to use data-driven insights to write better material.

The successful candidate should also be detail-oriented and committed to meeting tight deadlines. Preference will be given to those with a strong writing portfolio, bachelor’s degree and relevant work experience.

We are process-driven. It’s in the ebb and flow of our culture. You will have or create various workflows in our system. If you are naturally drawn to developing and following processes, this will suit you.

We hustle. We move and respond quickly to each other and to our clients. If you are naturally inclined to do that, we are the right company for you.

Here are the processes that you will go through in your application.

  1. Read and understand the responsibilities and qualifications. Submit your application through the online application form below if you can fulfill the responsibilities and if you think you qualify.
  2. Pass a writing test.
  3. Pass a proofreading test.
  4. Pass the final interview through a video call on Skype.
  5. Signing of agreement.

Please check your spam folder for our response. Add in your Safe Senders List.


  • Generates, researches, and pitches ideas or topics for articles.
  • Respects and commits to deadlines.
  • Delivers plagiarism-free content
  • Proofreads work manually
  • Delivers revision requests within 8 to 12 hours or earlier upon receipt of notice
  • Stays current on industry trends to attract new readers
  • Satisfies and follows the client’s requirements by 100%
  • Responds immediately when contacted via email, Skype, or phone
  • Writes on a wide variety of topics about internet marketing, business, finance, health, entertainment, sports, technology, religion, politics, education, and more.
  • Has a confident YES as an answer to this question: Is this the kind of work anyone can truly be proud of?
  • Has knowledge of on-page SEO


  • Must have proven editorial and writing skills and able to provide a writing portfolio or links to online published original work
  • A laptop (not a desktop computer) in a good working condition and a good internet connection
  • Has strong research skills and ability to position our content to latest market trends
  • Has strong attention to detail, leadership, and communication skills
  • Needs to have a strong interest in digital marketing (especially SEO and social media)
  • A problem-solver with a results-driven work ethic-driven by continuous learning
  • Be dynamic. We are a constantly-improving company in a constantly-evolving industry. We put more emphasis on what will work better and not what’s more convenient.


  • Payment is ₱23.00 per 100 words.
  • It is your responsibility to pay your tax obligations, SSS, Philhealth, PAGIBIG, etc.
  • Experience no traffic going to work.
  • Experience zero office-politics.
  • Experience having not to worry about dress code.
  • Experience vacation galore! Go wherever you want and bring your work with you for as long as there’s a good internet connection at your destination.
  • Experience having more time with your family.



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Record a video of yourself and tell us WHY we should hire you. Maximum is 3 minutes. Upload the video on YouTube as an UNLISTED video. Then paste the link below. Know that we're not going to ask for your cover letter or resume. If we like how you presented yourself and experience, we will contact you back. So give your best shot.

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