Marketing is not selling. Marketing is giving value.

We can only do for you what we have done successfully for ourselves. It is clear to us that if our forum marketing strategy generates outstanding results, it tells you that we know how to attract customers without becoming an annoying marketer.

Did you know that 93 percent of the orders we received through forum marketing from January to June 2017 came from members who did the first move by inquiring about our services?

Forum marketing enables us to build good relationships and establish authority, credibility, and trust. We set aside selling and focus on adding value to the members. As a result, forum members are naturally curious about our services.

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Network. Contribute. Influence.

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Network and build good relationships.

A forum is a community of people who are just as interested as you are in the niche where the community belongs. This common interest makes it easy to communicate with the forum members. You network with fellow enthusiasts by introducing yourself first. Most members are warm people. They will return a “hi” for your “hello.”

On the other hand, you build good relationships on forums through the spirit of giving. You can give your time and talent by taking the time to answer the questions of your fellow members especially if their questions are within your area of expertise. It’s easier to remember the names of helpful and friendly people than those who are passive and reserved.

Remember that you have joined a forum so you will be remembered as quickly and as many time as possible.

We know how to suit your personality with the culture of the forum. We can take care of this for you.

Establish authority and credibility in your niche.

You cannot buy authority and credibility. You need to earn them.

You can earn them by actively giving tried-and-tested solutions or potential answers to the questions of your fellow members. The best way to show your expertise is not by writing all your PhDs and MAs on your forum profile but by being helpful.

Remember that before you became rich in experience and filled with confidence, you were once full of questions. Because you know that everyone got to start somewhere, you know how to answer with a friendly, respectful, and sincere tone. You do not answer with sarcasm and insult.

Knowledge and attitude cannot be separated if you are to establish authority and credibility through forum marketing.

We are experienced and disciplined to do this for you.

Make people trust you through your valuable contributions.

Would you like to reap trust? Sow good relationships and establish your credibility in a forum first. It does not end there, however. Winning people’s trust is not a one-time activity but an ongoing process.

You need to continue making valuable posts in the community to maintain the high-level of trust bestowed on you by your fellow forum members. Do not spam the forum with the one-liner and no value-added posts. Forum members trust you neither because of your post count nor because of the age of your account but because of the quality of your posts. This is exactly our goal when we do the forum marketing for you.

When new forum members ask the same questions that were raised already and someone remembers your comprehensive answer in the past, he will link your post to the new thread. That is an act of trust. You have just won a member who introduces your expertise to other members because he was impressed by the quality of your responses. Now that’s passive income!

Make a good impression in front of influencers.

Not everyone in a forum is a newbie. Experts are present, too. The easiest way to get noticed by influencers is to give them the reason to notice you.

The obvious way is by consistently posting new threads and replies about the latest trends, together with your thoughts, in whatever niche you’re in.

A more effective way is by quoting these influencers’ past response and adding your own experience, research, and thoughts in your response. Most forums have a feature in place wherein you are notified when someone quoted or liked one of your posts.

Do not just agree and quote the posts of influencers. You have to establish your own authority by making a point in your post in conjunction with the post of another influencer. This is one of our favorite and most effective forum marketing strategies.