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Prior to the end of 2016, we conducted a case study of how we were searching and using keywords in our content. We formed a new approach in our keyword research. We focused on our target customers’ behavior based on the words that they type when they look for products and services within our niche.

We have been naturally using these keywords in our blog posts. As of 1H2017, our organic traffic has skyrocketed by 68.41 percent compared to the same period last year which accounted for 20.42 percent of our overall traffic. We are willing to do a keyword research for your business as long as you’re not our competitor.

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10 Primary Keywords

You will receive 10 primary keywords in every order. While the competition level of the keywords is important, it is not the only parameter we have when selecting the right keywords for you.

We pick keywords based on your end-goal. Do you want to get found on Google by people who already made a decision to buy a product or service and they’re just looking for an online store where they can order online, or you want to get found by prospects who are looking for buying guides that can help them make an informed decision?

Take note that while these two people are both interested in your product or service, one is already a decided buyer and the other one is yet to make up his mind. The determined buyer could be searching using the keyword “where to buy product XYZ” while the undecided one could be searching for “customer reviews for product XYZ.”

Your two prospects search for the same product but with a different purpose. Your prospects behavior is important in our approach when we do the keyword research. It is not enough that you get traffic. You should be getting the right and targeted traffic.

10 How-to or List-based Titles

Most of our clients admit that they are not good at writing. That is not necessarily a bad thing because each one of us has a forte or an area of expertise. You may not be good in writing but you’re an expert in business management.

For your total convenience, we have decided to write one how-to or a list-based title per main keyword where the main keyword is used. Did you know that we have made many deliriously happy customers just because of this?

Mentioning your main keyword on your title has an added value on your on-page search engine optimization (SEO).

50 Long-tail Keywords or LSI Terms

We will include 5 long-tail keywords or LSI terms per main keyword. Long-tail keywords have 3 to 4 words. These are ultra-specific relative to your main keyword.

Studies show that a customer who has already reached the buying point tends to use ultra-specific keywords when searching for a specific information about the product that she has already decided to buy.

Let’s say your main keyword is “iPhone 7.” We do not suggest investing all your time and money trying to outrank Apple, Amazon, and other giant companies unless you can match their stockpile of cash and resources for online marketing.

A determined or decided buyer might search for the long-tail keyword “where to buy an iPhone 7 in Los Angeles, California” on Google. Those are the kinds of ultra-specific long-tail keywords that we will prepare for every main keyword.

Long-tail keywords are easier to rank than one-word keywords.

At the end of the day, ask this to yourself, “Would I rather be ranked for 10 main keywords that sent me 1,000 unique visits per day or 50 long-tail keywords that made me 50 sales per day?”

You will agree with us that 50 sales are better than 1,000 unique visits who are only searching for information related to your product.

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